About Speciality Print, Dublin’s Specialist Print House

Central to our dedication to our clients is to continuously invest in the latest Pre-Press, lithographic and finishing equipment.

Our Job Management Software allows us to support all stages of the litho production process, from PDF to plate to Press. We have worked hard to deliver efficiencies in our production processes to allow us to pass on these savings to you, the client.

As an ongoing development, we continuously review our procedures, to protect the client against the occurrence of errors and to take into account changing Industry practice and innovation.

We have always prided ourselves at putting our Design Services at the core of our business.

Our focus on design is based on our understanding of the processes involved, with a constant attention to detail to ensure your message is always communicated.

Whether your company requires a simple direct mail campaign, a corporate identity refresh or a property brochure Speciality Printing’s Team will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the capability to do 1,000 business cards, 5,000 A4 full colour brochures or 100,000s of inserts for newspapers. We have a large selection of printing machines, each suited to a particular type of printing.
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We specialise in Print Management Systems. We can tailor a Print Management System completely to your Corporate and Branch requirements – Artwork Processing and Storage, Stock Management and Distribution. We have many satisfied clients for whom we provide this demanding service.
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We are often the central point for all liaising between a Company’s various suppliers and artwork providers. We are skilled at managing, processing and printing all of a business’s document requirements.

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One of our strengths is in this area. Some time ago, we were tasked with managing the Print requirements of 8 large law firms – this involved Artwork Origination, Processing and Storage through to printing, stockholding and distribution according to requests. This contract has been renewed a number of times since.

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Perfect Binding
Bespoke Services – Gold Foil, Die Cut, Laminating
Digital Printing

Meet Our Team

Managing DirectorHarry Crean, Managing Director

Harry Crean is a 25 year veteran of the print industry. A graduate of the College of Marketing, Harry is an expert in Print Management and Lithographic work.

Harry’s extensive experience covers corporate work in areas such as advertising, financial institutions and the public sector.