Case Studies


Speciality Print undertook a major print contract which involved the development of a Print Management System designed in tandem with the Bank’s QA, Compliance and Marketing Departments. The Print Management System was tailored completely to their Corporate and Branch requirements – Artwork Processing and Storage, Stock Management and Distribution were the the key components to this Print Management System which managed the requirements of a large network of over 40 Branches. Feedback from an Independent Assessor appointed by the bank was 99% Positive. During the contract’s 3 year duration it was continuously renewed and continued until the Bank’s take-over.


Speciality Print are responsible for the Print Management needs of the Irish Subsidiary of a multinational Insurance Company. This system is operated in concert with the Marketing and Print Supply departments of the company – we are the central point for all liaising between the Company’s various suppliers and artwork providers. We manage, process and print all their document requirements, from Business Cards to large runs of policy books. Our Stock Management also allows us to predict reprints, update artwork and distribute according to need. Since the contracts inception, it has continued to be renewed and allowed our Print Management System to develop according to Head Office needs, whether it be a small print run or a major Policy document roll-out.

Legal Sector:

Originally a 2 year contract, we were tasked with managing the Print requirements of 8 large law firms – this involved Artwork Origination, Processing and Storage through to printing, stockholding and distribution according to requests. This Print Management System has been a complete success for all involved and the contract has been renewed 3 times since.

Multi-National retailer

This was a considerable undertaking with over 100 outlets in ROI and over 20 other stores in Europe – we developed a total Print Management System where we printed all items, originated artwork, managed stock levels and distributed to order. This was a 2 year contract, renewed 4 times with a satisfaction rating of 98%.


We hold the distinction of being a recommended supplier of inserts for a major daily paper.


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